Welcome to the Four C's of Relationships

Posted on February 22 by Douglas Jensen

My first blog entry. Ever. I’m drawn to enter the world of social media to participate in the ongoing and crucial discussion of how we love. My observations of romantic relationships both within and outside of my psychotherapy office have lead me to an understanding that the basic emotional and physical connection we seek from another is really quite simple. But what is not as simple is the matter of what we do with it once we find it. Do we pursue marriage and all that goes with it? Will our relationship be monogamous or will we venture into the foray of an “open” relationship? Is a relationship, with all its responsibilities and complexities, what we really want?

This blog will explore these and other challenging questions facing those of us who choose to couple. In the end, you will see that I believe in love and the dream of happily ever after. I believe that if you want it, you can have it. And I believe that love is for everyone.

Welcome to my blog.