Congratulations to all of us on this historic day!

Posted on June 27 by Douglas Jensen

Thank you to our Supreme Court. Marriage is now available to same-sex couples in all of our united states. I’ve watched the day unfold on social media and can take a sigh of relief that we have reached yet another critical milestone in the effort for equal rights for equal human beings. It seems kind of obvious that we should do so, right? But of course our work is not done. While the majority of our nation rejoices in the news, there continue to be those naysayers who hold on to the idea that “traditional marriage” and whatever that means is for some and not others. It’s almost as if these individuals have never considered that there may be another way to experience humanness that differs from their own; have no ability to empathize; have never considered that persons who love someone of the same sex build relationships, commit to their soulmate, and create families and even parent children in the so-called “traditional” way. Well, I’m here today with all the others who live in truth as evidence that we as humans are indeed more alike than we are different. And while we’ve always been equal, today is a day to celebrate its recognition.